Hurricane Harvey was a devastating storm. The hurricane made landfall on the Gulf Coast on Saturday, August 25, 2017, and had winds reaching 110 MPH. While the storm’s winds were very strong, its trajectory is what allowed this storm to cause billions of dollars worth of damage. The storm initially made landfall for a few hours then retreated to the Gulf. The storm then made landfall again and stalled in the area for a few days. This route allowed the storm to cause major damage to a big region and dump unprecedented amounts of rain over the area. By all accounts, Harvey was the most destructive storm the Gulf Coast had seen in years and many people now need a Hurricane Harvey Damage Insurance Claim Resolution.

It has been over a year since Hurricane Harvey impacted the region, but many people are still feeling the effects of the storm. While some people have been able to repair their homes and put Hurricane Harvey behind them, some people are still waiting for their insurance companies to give them the funds they need to repair their homes. While this can be a slow process, there are steps a person can take to expedite their Hurricane Harvey Damage Insurance Claim Resolution, and ultimately get their insurance company to pay for losses covered by their policy.

Hurricane Harvey’s winds were more than strong enough to cause devastating damage. There were thousands if not millions of homes and businesses that sustained damage because of the high winds. Damage from the hurricane ranged from leaky roofs, broken windows, fallen fences, to entire structures being blown away. Most insurance policies cover damage caused by Hurricane and Tropical Storm winds. If a person’s policy includes coverage for these damages, the insurance company should pay the property owner enough money to fix or replace the damaged structures minus the deductible. Below are a few steps a person can take to ensure that their claim is handled correctly:

  1. Take plenty of pictures of the damages that have occurred. If possible, take pictures immediately after the storm, while you clean up from the storm, and if you make any repairs to the structure. You can never take enough pictures!
  2. Take inventory of any personal items that were lost or damaged.
  3. File a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible and make sure you receive a claim number. This number is very important.
  4. Keep any correspondence between you and your insurance company.
  5. Comply with all reasonable instructions from your insurance company.
  6. Send weekly emails to your insurance company and their adjuster asking for updates on your claim.
  7. Have an independent contractor give a bid to gauge how much it will cost to repair or replace the damaged structures.

By following the steps for your Hurricane Harvey Damage Insurance Claim Resolution above, a person is putting themselves in the best position for the Hurricane Harvey Damage Insurance Claim Resolution fairly. Unfortunately, if the insurance company is not wanting to cooperate or if they are only wanting to pay an amount that will not be enough to cover the damaged structures, a person will have to take additional steps. An insurance policy is a form of contract. Therefore, an insured person has rights and remedies they are entitled to if someone breaches the contract. An insured complies with their duties of the contract by tendering their monthly payments. An insurance company complies with their duties when their tender payment for covered damages to a structure when the insured makes a claim. If a person feels that they are not being treated fairly by an insurance company, an option would be to consult with an attorney. If a person is interested in engaging an attorney, it is important they do so as soon as possible as there are deadlines that may bar any potential claim a person may have.