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The attorneys at the Manuel Solis Law Firm have a long history of earning justice for our clients by always
acting with professionalism and compassion. From immigrants to people injured in car accidents, our clients are
our first priority. Manuel Solis has a policy for himself and the attorneys that work in his seven offices:
We provide the same level of assistance we would want from an attorney if we were in our clients’ shoes.

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Helping Immigrants for 
Over Two Decades

Our knowledge of and passion for the field of immigration law has allowed us to help countless people pursue their dreams in America, and we’re proud of that. We lecture and host television and radio programs on the subject to reach as many people in need of help as we can.

All immigration topics require extensive paperwork, documentation and deadlines before they can be resolved. 
Don’t go it alone—you only have one chance to get it right. 
We’ve been doing it for decades. You can trust us.


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