As the debate over immigration reform simmers in Washington, D.C., people in some communities across the country are getting their voices heard by doing more than attending rallies and writing to their elected representatives. What some are doing in Colorado is exactly the opposite of a boycott. Instead of refusing to patronize businesses that run in opposition to their beliefs, they are instead focusing on spending their dollars at businesses that are making it clear they support serious immigration reform — including a pathway to citizenship for those who are already here. Instead of a boycott, they are calling it a “buy-cott.” It’s a witty idea, and one that drives to the heart of democracy in the United States.

Part of the Democratic Process

One of the trademarks of a free society is the right to spend our money where we choose. Businesses depend on consumer support to survive, and we as consumers have the right to choose what businesses we wish to support. Why not choose to support those that share our beliefs? Congress has once again reached something of a stalemate on immigration reform, but there is reason to be hopeful. For the first time in many years, a strong segment of Republicans and other conservatives in America are supportive of the concept of granting citizenship to many who are here illegally. This represents a serious changing of the tide in America. We can’t allow the tide to stop moving. The issue must remain in the forefront of American politics.

Choose Positivity

If you find yourself in Colorado in early August, check out the list of participating businesses here. Do you know businesses in your area that support immigration reform with a path to citizenship? Perhaps you should organize a “buy-cott” in your community. Support the ones who are supporting you. Why not?

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