Abogado Manuel Solis

Are you looking for an immigration attorney? Can we take a second and brag about ourselves…sorry.   We know how the immigration system works in America, and we MAKE it work for you.  We also know that this is a serious matter and you have to get the paperwork and procedures right the first time.

  1. We have handled over 50,000 immigration cases since 1990 (yes 50,000)
  2. We have over 450 employees ready to serve you and assist in your case proceedings
  3. We have offices in 5 major cities and can work with you over the phone
  4. We are open late M-F and even open on Saturday (yes open on Saturday)
  5. We take all major credit cards and even have a 0% interest payment plan if needed

Are you ready to work with us?  We are standing by right now to take your immigration-law attorney free consultation help now.