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Blessed with the strength and help of God, and inspired by a sense of duty to help families to be together, for almost 30 years we have been able to fight and win more than 50,000 cases that have positively impacted thousands of people.

Thanks to the tireless work of my team of more than 200 professionals, among which are the 20 lawyers who fight with me, we have defended the immigrants who have put their future in our hands.

Because our mission is to help families, we have ten offices in four states: Texas, Illinois, California, and Colorado. With involvement in the communities, we have managed to extend a helping hand to those who need it.


I feel enormously blessed to serve as the means to fulfill your dreams and goals in this great country of opportunities, a challenge that I have accepted with deep responsibility.

During the almost three decades that have passed since I started working as a lawyer, I have come to know immigrants well. Above all, I have been able to witness the impressive courage shown by many of my clients, risking their own lives in order to fight for the welfare of their families. It is for this reason that they have earned my respect, admiration, and commitment.

Immigrants are people with courage, who in many cases have had to abandon everything to enter a strange country. They do it to be able to work, to earn money and to support their families. They have had to live in precarious conditions so that, in this way, their loved ones can opt for a better quality of life.





Meet our great team of experienced lawyers. 

Kashwal Kaur
Ni Yan Bellaire
Stephen R. Walker
Katherine Popper
Departamento de Deportación
Alejandro Manzano
Departamento de Deportación
Alfredo Bonilla
Departamento de Inmigración
Ana Rueda
Departamento de Inmigración
Andrew Fink
Departamento de Litigios
Elaine Rodriguez
Departamento de Inmigración
Evaldo Nido
Departamento de Deportación
Gaspar Santiago Rodriguez
Departamento de Inmigración
Gregory J. Finney
Departamento de Litigios
Irma Negrón
Departamento de Litigios
Juan Solis
Departamento de Litigios
Mark McBroom
Departamento de Inmigración
Miguel Morales
Departamento de Inmigración
Myosotis Vargas
Departamento de Inmigración
Pedro López
Departamento de Apelaciones
Valentin Figueroa
Departamento de Deportación

What our clients say

Testimonials that demonstrate the power of being committed to your case.

“Cuando fué el asistente del Abogado Manuel Solís (...), me dió confianza”

Alejandro Velasquez | Cliente

“El me dijo que sí se podía hacer y (...) gracias a Dios aquí los tengo (a su familia)”

Carlos Macías | Cliente

“En realidad el abogado es una persona que sí se preocupa por nosotros los inmigrantes”

Mayolo Bernalv | Cliente

Practice Areas

The lawyers at Law Office of Manuel Solis firm comes from different fields of legal experience. One thing is consistent: a commitment to justice and strong professional legal representation. Whether we are helping you in an immigration matter, or seeking justice for the unjust death of a loved one, we are committed to working for your best interests at every step of the process.


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